Monday, July 2, 2012

Playing Dirty

My Dad and I competed in a Mud Run this past weekend.  Part of the proceeds went towards Homes for our Troops, so it was nice knowing some of the funds were going to a good cause. The race was located at Huff Hills Ski Resort.  We thought the hills wouldn't be that bad, since we are in North Dakota after all. However, out of nowhere there are some rather large hills in ND that can get pretty steep in places. :)

The weather was 94 F when we started our heat and the sun was rather warm with no cloud cover. There were thirteen man-made and natural obstacles.  These ranged from 20 foot walls, junk cars, mud pits, steep hills, barbed wire, fire, tires, and garbage dumpsters.  
The Course Map ~ Many Hills
The Before Shot
 This was the Medieval USA Combat Team in full garb.  They were really going to town on each other and I actually thought someone might get sliced with their weapons.
 This was the starting hill.  Trust me, the picture looks flatter than it was. :)
 About 3/4 of the way through the race, the trail reaches the spectators.  Just crawled through mud and under barbed wire here.
 On the last small hill down towards the one ton hay bales that we needed to jump over.
 Yay! Can you see our smiles? We had a blast!
 Dad is just to the left of the sign in blue and I am on the very left about to jump over the fire to cross the finish line.
 The After Shot

 Dad scaled the 20 foot wall like a Ninja Warrior.  However, when he came over the edge, his leg got stuck in a crevice just big enough for his leg.  His body kept going over but his leg stayed there.  Ouch!  He had this giant goose-egg from it.  So thankful he has thick bones and legs or he would have snapped it.

I love my Dad!! The only thing that would have made this race better would have been Paul.  He was with us in spirit though. :) Every time I was climbing, I kept thinking of him in the 120 F heat with gear on, no AC, and MREs to eat. 

 See that hill in the very back?  That was our second obstacle of thirteen.  Hamburger Hill was a very appropriate name. :)

What a fun day! My Dad is an awesome hill climber.  He trains multiple times a week for hills so he was ready for this event.  I, on the other hand, have been running the small hills in our neighborhood and more flat distance running.  I was not prepared for the "on your hands to keep from falling over" hills.  My Dad was so kind to stay with me (he knows I am seriously accident prone) and we completed every obstacle/hill together.  I love my Dad!

They are posting professional photos this week, so if I see any good ones, I may just post again... :)


Bens Girl said...

Looks like so much fun! What a good memory to share with your dad!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sara and Mr. M! You guys look like you had fun!

Melissa Searle said...

Wow! You sure did get dirty, Hehe :) Looks like you had a blast that is the main thing! Good on you! :) What fun to do it with your dad too!
Hope you are well hun. :)

SummerRose said...

Awesome! I think the relationship you seem to share with your dad is amazing, you are so blessed! :) The mud looked exciting, how fun to be allowed to get good n dirty! haha