About Us

I am just any other girl you would meet except I am following God and a Marine across the globe.

I started following God on January 8, 1995 when I first asked Him to save me.  On August 14, 2007 I started following my Marine, Paul, when I said "I Do" at the altar.  Together we have lived in Utah, Virginia, and now North Carolina as we follow where God and the Military sends us.

I am finishing up my Masters Degree in Agricultural Systems and Technology with a emphasis in Secondary/Post Secondary Agricultural Education in the summer of 2012.  Because I took the thesis option (what was I thinking?) I spend much of my time reading, writing, and staring at a computer screen.  When I am not completing schoolwork, I love to read, play the piano, travel, cook, do almost anything outside, and complete various refinishing or decorating projects around our house.

Paul joined the Marine Corps in January 2006 as an Infantry Enlisted Reservist based out of Salt Lake City, UT.  In May 2009 he commissioned with the Marine Corps and is currently a Ground Intelligence Officer.  He loves shooting things, working out, reading, also doing almost anything outside, woodworking, and traveling.  He is the sweetest man alive (and really cute too) and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loves me because he treats me like a Princess.

We just purchased our first home in North Carolina and are enjoying the struggles opportunities to make it our own through various projects.  Paul is quite the handy man, it is just finding the time to get all the jobs done!

Although we don't have any kids yet, we do have a four legged fur baby friend.  She is a two year old Labradoodle named Lucy who we love to take all over the United States with us.  She is definitely my traveling buddy and keeps me company when Paul is gone   

 That is us in a nutshell!

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