Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NC Update


Here is the short version of the housing update:

1. Internet: We still don't have internet as there are currently no providers for our area. Thus our options are, a). Satellite Internet b). Drive twenty minutes for internet cafe c). Wait for Time Warner Cable to install hopefully in the next three months.

2. Remodel: I know, we bought a brand new house, what could there possibly be to remodel? Well, we (Paul mostly) put bead-boarding up in the Master Bedroom. It looks so nice with the chair rail molding he made from scratch (went to Wood shop and took bare wood and came back with wonderful molding). We also put up crown molding. We then painted the downstairs bath, upstairs master, and study. We also are putting the bead-board and crown molding in the downstairs bath. I have some projects I am working on refinishing to put around the house and hopefully will blog about that one of these days. The shelves in the study have been a total nightmare. The paint we bought was a bad batch and of course we didn't find that out until we had completely sanded, painted, resanded, and then repainted the shelves. Fortunately we figured out that after two weeks of not drying...something was wrong and we didn't put our books on them. Next big projects...tile the backsplash of the kitchen, fence for the backyard, build a firepit, and construct the patio trellis. New homes are still a lot of work...don't be fooled... :)

3. Life: We joined Coastline Baptist Church about a month ago and absolutely love it! Paul is singing in the choir, I am helping with the kids choir, and we are trying to be available for whatever is needed. It is so nice to be back in a church where we have the opportunity to get involved (the last year in VA was so busy for Paul it was not even possible).
Tornadoes are not fun - we found that out these past couple weeks. We are so blessed that the tornado did not hit our home or even cause damage as there were many around our area that had homes destroyed. Paul had Officer of the Day duty the right after the tornadoes hit so his phone was ringing off the hook (as the tornado hit base housing).

4. School: I just finished another semester of Grad School! Yayayaya (shouts for joy)!! I start back up this June for summer classes and hopefully only have two more semesters left.

5. Work: Paul's work is going well. He has great hours and his very own office area now! Actually, the reason I can blog right now is because he had an all expense paid work trip to Tampa for a class. So, with only the cost of airfare, I decided to come along! The weather is amazing and the sights aren't too bad either. Will post pictures (hopefully) soon. Thanks to our neighbor for watching Lucy!! I am starting to look for a job now that the summer is almost upon us. I will let you know what happens with that...
I forgot to mention that we found out Paul deploys in January for a 13 month deployment. For awhile we thought it was going to be this fall so we are excited for the little bit of extra time.

I think that is about it for now!