Saturday, March 19, 2011

House Update

1. March 10 Closing pushed back to March 22 due to lack of Realtor communication to other Realtor.
2. Our cars look like Gypsies live in them.
3. We are REALLY going to like getting into our house on Tuesday night!

Can I just say that my problems are very in significant with what is going on right now? This hit me hard this past Thursday as I looked beyond my own problems and started to count my blessings. Japan just saw people die and are now facing nuclear fallout. Libya is not looking too good. Men are deploying to countries far away from families for extended periods of time. I had a student die in a car accident last week and a family that is suddenly without a son and brother. So our little 12 day hotel bill and inconvenience is NOTHING compared to what others have.

And now, pictures of our house as of this past Tuesday. I will post more as we go!

Oh wait! How did this get in here... :) Enjoying a walk along the river today.

Standing in Master Bedroom looking towards Master Bath.

Paul standing in Living Room while I am in Dining Room.

Another Living Room shot. Off to the left is the hallway to the entryway.

Kitchen that I LOVE!! The hardwood floors and appliances were in today and it looked so good! Can't wait to finally get in there!

More to come!