Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a kick!

I was visiting my friend Jaysa's blog, and I notice that she posted a picture of me at Idaho's State Convention in April 2007. My fellow officers and I rode in on stage on these tractors and it was pretty fun!! This was taken just a couple weeks after Paul proposed to me and I couldn't believe how different we looked (especially me)!! I decided to put more pictures up from the past as these were just too fun!
My biggest deer so far shot with a .50 Muzzleloader
Showing my final heifer at the fair

Last family portrait without Paul

Dad and I skiing at Bogus

My First Mountain Lion - A Tom too! I look like a freak with the braces and bright 80's jacket!

My Dad and I fishing - look at my cute lil sissy!
Paul working on the church bus with Reagan and "the duckies"

Our engagment photo

College and Career Winter Camp - Weirdos

Forgive me as I don't have pictures of Paul when he was younger... :)


I just thought I would gloat that I have one more final left...tomorrow morning at 11:30 and then I am done!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! :)

I am just sorry that you all will miss my five minute happy dance that will follow after I am secluded inside my home. ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

That time of the year!

It is finally here...this week is our finals week!!
Paul had two finals on Friday, Military Science and Finance, and is studying away for his last one tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. He has been feverishly stuyding for his Economic's exam that is going to be a very intense final! After tomorrow he is finished with his last Fall semester and is looking ahead to all the holiday festivities.
I took my first final this morning for my Turfgrass and Ecology class. I still have Genetics tomorrow, Chemistry on Wednesday, and one more final in a Literature class (dumb) on Thursday. Yesterday I came down with a severe cold and it is really impairing my thinking skills so I am hoping that with lots of caffeine and fluids that I can get better soon and be alert enough to take these exams. I haven't been sick for quite awhile and during finals week it sets in...oh well! Could be worse right?
To all of you enduring finals week...good luck!! Hang in there!! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Christmas Carol

Paul and I just returned from USU's Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. It was put on by the Caine School of the Arts and is in the Morgan Theatre. It was amazing! We had a fantastic time as they did an amazing job.

If you are free this week or want something fun to do, then check out this theatre production. The showings are from December 1-6 at 7:30 pm with a matinee on Saturday at 2:00pm. Plus, if you are a is free!! If you are not a student the cost is $13 but well worth it.

One more reason we love being students here at Utah State University...Free Date Nights!! ;)