Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stanley, Idaho

In July, Paul and I had the opportunity to go up to Stanley Idaho with my parents for a camping trip. We had so much fun and really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with my parents.

We went hiking, rode the ATVs, glassed mountain goats at 10,000 feet, went to Red Fish Lake, Salmon Fished, toured a ghost town (Custer), and watched the Indians rape and pilage the land. Yes, I know it is 2009 and we have people (mostly which claim to be Indian) taking advantage of our wildlife. Those who know me understand that I am not a "granola" or a "tree hugger" but I get pretty upset when I see people taking advantage of what so many people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars - not to mention time - trying to conserve the future wildlife and game for tomorrow's generations.

Apart from the Indians, it was a great trip! :)

Here is a photo update!
On the hike in front of the waterfall.
My awesome parents at Red Fish Lake
Paul trying to act cool
Paul really getting cooled off instead
Our camping spot - got to mention that when we were kids we never had anything this nice. :)
Glassing the goats on the summit
Sunset on the Sawtooth Mountains
Another beautiful waterfall
Red Rish Lake
Eating camp food - steak and shrimp! :) Notice the grille in the back too! By the way, that is A-1 on the table in case you were thinking something different. :)

Next up....Hike into our camping spot in Cache Valley to White Pine Lake

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Back!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. This has been a crazy summer! For now I will update every once in awhile with some of the photo highlights thus far.

Let's start with H1N1...Swine Flu!
I really appreciate everyone's prayers as I recovered relatively quickly and had it as good as it could have went compared to other people. I guess all that Crossfit and Zone payed off too!

Sorry no photos of the actual "transformation" but here are some pictures of us secluding ourselves from the rest of the world during the week.

Paul sleeping on the beach.
Top of the summit overlooking Bear Lake. Half in Idaho, Half in Utah = Beautiful!
The Lake from the view on the sand.
The summit you can see no snouts!
AHHH...Bear Lake! We shall miss your Raspberry Milkshakes and Bright Blue water.
Reading at the park.

Next up...Trip to Stanley!