Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know, I know. I haven't been blogging very well as of late. I do have really good excuses though... I promise!!

1. We moved out of our apartment in Stafford. Our "stuff" is now in an ABF storage pod in Manassas awaiting our orders to the duty station. Meanwhile, I am living in Fredericksburg (aka the Burg) with family. Paul is living 3 hours south on the Dam Neck naval intelligence base. He graduated the Infantry Officers Course and is now attending another school as the class commandant too! :) He graduates in February and we are still unsure what schools/training/duty station that will follow.

2. We took a scouting trip to Virginia Beach (which is where Dam Neck is located). It was great fun, but the pictures can do it more justice than I can describe.

Paul was buried standing up...that is how deep our hole was!!! :)

Wet little Lucy

I love this picture! She is such a cutie!

3. Cousin Rach's birthday was in August so I took her to the Kennedy Center for a performance. It was fun to get dressed up for the evening and head into D.C.
At the Kennedy Center

Rach and I in front of the fountain.

4. Paul and I attended the 8th and I Marine Corps Evening Parade in D.C. It was a great evening as we ate at Ben's Chili Bowl first (yummy) and then made our way to the parade deck. It is always fun watching the silent drill platoon - Google it if you haven't ever seen them. The Commandant’s house is also on the end of the parade deck so it was fun to see his home.
The house in the back is the Commandant's.

The parade deck...love this picture!

5. Uncle Hart is apart of the chamber of commerce for Fredericksburg and the Military Affairs Council. We had the opportunity to attend a wreath laying ceremony for the MAC and a private tour of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier area. I have attended a couple wreath laying ceremonies and the changing of the guard, but it was so fun to be able to actually go inside and learn all about it. The Commanding General was present to give us all the information personally. We also got a police escort through the entire cemetery - way cool! On a side note, the recently deceased Senator Ted Stevens was being buried that day so we got to see lots of black SUV's and men with ear pieces along with loads of Senators and Representatives in the cemetery. If I could only give them a piece of my mind... :)

At the top of the hill at Lee's house.

Wreath laying ceremony with Paul's head in the foreground. The lady that laid the wreat in honor of the MAC was a widow of a WWII veteran who was the youngest man at Normandy.

Paul and I with the Army General. :)
6. Paul was in CA for 3 weeks - he is back now! :) He really received some great training in the 29 Palms area.

7. Among those fun filled activities, we have been getting as much time with family and friends as possible. We have a wonderful Christian family here in VA and I am so thankful for them. Our church will be difficult to leave as well. Among fun activities I have also been teaching and continuing my Master's program (fun fun!). I think I will be a forever student as I just love school. Either teaching or learning...you will find me doing one of those! :)

Those are my excuses as of late.