Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Days!

It snowed here from 3 AM Saturday morning to 3 AM Sunday morning and left about six to eight inches of snow here in Stafford. I awoke Monday at the usual time and was heading out the door at 6 am when I thought I better check the school website to make sure we didn't have a delayed opening with all the weekend flurries. Good thing I did! We had a snow day! So I had a day to get a much needed deep cleaning of the house and more work done on my Graduate School Admission letter (did I mention that is really hard to write?). After getting some things accomplished, Lucy and I headed over to Paul's Aunt and Uncle's house in Fredericksburg.

Here are a couple pictures of how we enjoyed our snow day...

Pretty nice snow bear if I do say so myself! :D

Oh! I forgot to say that today we have another snow day!

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Kaitie Jane said...

Hey you! The pictures look great! Your snowbear look marvelous!