Friday, February 20, 2009

Catch Up...again

This past weekend we started off the commercialized love holiday by going to the gym friday night. We absolutely LOVE our Sports Academy and Racquet Club (SARC) membership! It is right down the hill from us and it has the best facilities I have ever seen! The ladies changing room is all granite counter tops, rock floors, individual showers, has fresh flowers everywhere, and individual changing rooms. What I really like is that it has a cedar hot room, steam room, and hot tub right in there too!! They also offer free classes for members, racquet ball courts, indoor tennis courts, "no grunt" workout areas, indoor track, smoothie bar (yum), $5 monthly tanning (haven't done that), four swimming pools, and an outdoor hot tub open year round! Ok, now do you see why I love it?
Enough about that... so then we went out to the Olive Garden (thanks to the lovely Valentines gift card from Mom and Dad) and split a wonderful meal. Definitely like splitting as you also get all you can eat salad and breadsticks! ;) We then went home and watched "The Ringer" which I got him for Valentines. Paul has never seen that movie before! ;) Valentines day was very relaxing as we went out to "Taken" and made homemade roast beef Au Jus. It was great just to have a day to relax and unwind at home. Oh, and we also walked around the mall, and different stores, went to the bookstore, that fun kind of stuff!
The last couple of weeks have been intense for school work. Not anything hard for me, just labor and time intensive. Paul is getting senioritis, but is holding in there verily well! :) We are currently in the process of trying to figure out what to do this summer in regards to internships or jobs. Hopefully we will be led in the right direction! :)
Well, I am off again!!

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