Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 3 - Your Favorite Teacher

I have three favorite teachers that I would like to share...I am so breaking these rules...

1. My favorite university teacher would be Dr. Brian Warnick. He is patient with every student and truly makes you feel like you are the most important student he has. Dr. Warnick empowers pre-service agricultural teachers to inspire the youth of tomorrow as he leads by example. Dr. Warnick allowed me to student teach out in Virginia and even flew all the way out to observe my classroom. His teaching style is very similar to what I hope that I can one day imitate.

2. Mr. Steve Wilder and Mrs. Erika Cowman were my agricultural teachers in high school that really made a difference in my life. They both encouraged me to participate in the National FFA Organization and gave so much of their time to see other students succeed. Their teaching strategies were very different from one another, however, they both gave teaching their all and made concepts easy to understand. In short, these two individuals are the big reason that I am teaching agriculture today.

3. My third favorite teacher is my my Mom. My Mom taught me from first grade all the way until I graduated high school. She cared so much about my sister's and my education that she became a teacher at home. My Mom researched the most challenging curriculum and had us participate in extra curricular activities (such as 4-H; guitar and piano lessons; & home-school skiing, P.E., skating, and theater). It is not easy teaching and I cannot imagine teaching your own kids correctly. There are a lot of parents who do not home-school sufficiently; but my Mom is not one of those. Love you, Mom!

Coming tomorrow... Your Favorite Book (this is going to be hard)!!

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Emma said...

I am loving this idea! Keep it up!