Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My 9 Lessons

As many of you probably enjoyed your Labor Day, I learned some valuable lessons.

1. Never pick up the glass jar that holds the hot bacon grease you just poured into it. You will enevitably drop the jar because your finger burns and then the hot grease will pour out onto your other hand and wrist. This will immediately cause a sizzling sensation that will lead to discoloration, a swolen area, blisters, and lots of crocodile tears.

2. Burns hurt like crap (whatever that is supposed to hurt like)!! Don't do it!!

3. After you have fryed your right hand, you loose temporary movement and the ability to complete daily tasks.

4. My husband truly loves me. Enough to finish making breakfast, ice my hand, do the dishes, run to Walmart for burn treatments, make lunch, re-ice my hand, apply burn treatment, make dinner, dictate for me (see below), and of course put up with my whining. What a great guy! :)

5. Never wait until the day before you have a four page paper due to start typing it up.

6. Typing with one hand is REALLY slow.

7. Even though your hand is just impaired it somehow effects the rest of your body. The rest of the day I was just plain stupid! :)

8. You have a little voice in your head that screams, "Just slow down and think stupid!!"

9. Tylenol is your friend.

Those were my lessons I learned yesterday!! :)


mel said...

Poor Sara!!!!!

That's sweet that Paul takes care of you like that though. What a guy.

This post cracked me up, I must say.

Emma said...

Me too! You are too funny. Can you still play with one hand? We need to get together!