Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meat and Football

This past Saturday Paul and I had the opportunity to go to the Ag BBQ to kick off Ag week here at USU. The Ag Products BBQ was held during lunch time near Romney Stadium. It featured some of Utah's commodities; and of course they brought their stuff.

For $8 Paul and I had all we could eat of steak from the Utah Beef Council, Turkey from Norbest, Lamb, Onion Rings (which were made right in front of us), milk from Meadow Gold and Gossners, BBQ Pork from the Pork Council, salad and apples, rolls, and Creamies (from you guessed it, the Creamies plant). The food was amazing!!

Paul and I stuffed ourselves to the rafters and of course brought home some extra meadow gold pints. Meadow Gold milk, in pints, is usually $1 at the store. We drank one each there and brought three more (total) home. That chocolate is way too good!! We definitely like our milk and dairy products!! :)

After the BBQ we headed to the Aggies vs. Vandals game. For those of you who didn't know, I was once a Vandal and have since converted over to become a True Aggie. :) This was going to be a great game - complete with ESPN, Blimps, and Helicopters! Just kidding...USU was ranked 119/120 and UI was ranked 113/120. At least we knew it would be somewhat of a close game! ;)

We had a great time booing the Vandals and watching them get their backsides kicked. USU had some bad plays, but overall they redeemed themselves with some better plays themselves. It was a close game up until the second half. That is when USU picked it up and ended the game 42-17. That was their first WAC win of the season as well as their overall first win. It is humerous because they are ranked #1 in the WAC right now as no other teams (beside the Vandals) have played other WAC schools. So the Aggies are really #1!! At least for a couple more days...


Emma said...

That is hilarious! I wish we could have come, what a fun time.

Mrs. Rohmance said...

Ha ha! Stuffed to the rafters! You must have had 'two cookies'! = D

Derek Linder said...

Lol...sounds like fun!

Bus Driving Mama said...

Maybe someday you will become a Bronco fan LOL!!!!

Teri Woods

Sara Vbos said...

I am proud of the Bronco's football to admit that USU has better academics though!! :) Good thing I am not going to school to be a football player! :)

Melissa Jane Searle said...

Hey Sara, :)
Nice to hear from you! Glad you though abby, my new puppy was cute. I am pretty chuffed with her myself. Hehe :-) She's so adorable! Hehe :-)
She will get bigger, yes. She is only about 8 weeks old at the moment, 8.5 to be exact i think!
She will get about the size of a poodle i think, bit smaller.
She's a gem! What about you? any pets?