Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Past Week In Events

For those of you who are family and use this as a way to keep up with us...I will give you a little update.
Sunday Night we went to the youth activity at our church and helped with Volleyball. It was great fun and our team really beat the pants off the other team!! :)
Paul and I have been busy with classes - as any college student would be. No tests yet but they are coming up fast!! My Genetics class is actually a lot of fun! It is hard work but so interesting that it makes it all better. My professor, the ex Med School Teacher, does an amazing job explaining terms and presenting concepts while quickly moving through the material. We both have lots of reading so that consumes most of our time. For example, I have 80 pages to read tonight in just one class and I have four courses on top of that with reading.
Paul is starting his first sewing project...two pillowcases!! Go Paul!! :) Honestly, he has been really enjoying this semester of classes. Life at college is pretty easy. We were talking about it and we see each other more now then we probably will ever when we get into the "real world". Paul is done with classes everyday at 3:00 and I am done around 5:30 and then homework starts. Life is good and we are blessed.
We have been attending various club and organization meetings this past week. Tonight was my Department's opening social. We had BBQ Pork Sandwiches with all the fixins along with Aggie Ice Cream. It was great food and free on top of that!
We just found out that Paul has drill on Saturday and Sunday. His unit, Fox Co 2 Battalion 23 Marines, is deploying December so they are doing a lot of prep work right now. Because of that they are having Family Day on Saturday which will include all the health and necessary info. Paul isn't deploying with his unit this time because he is set to commission this May. In a sense he is trading one deployment for another because after TBS there is a 100% deployment rate within the first year. He will just be going as a 2nd Lt. instead of a Corporal...for those of you who didn't know. :)
We are currently praying and seeking for a house in and around Logan. We are hoping God will close the door quickly if this isn't what we are supposed to be doing. We will see...
Thats about it for now...until next time...

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