Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This past weekend my parents drove up from Boise to spend the evening with me. It was SO nice to have them here, as Paul is gone, and to spend time with them. Granted it was a short visit, it was still very nice to chat away. They came with me to church and met so more of the people that I am always talking about (at least it seems like that). Talking about them in a good way of course! :) We then went to the wonderful Olive Garden and had a fantastic meal which was followed by a relaxing drive in the countryside.

It was fun to show Mom and Dad the different areas in Logan. We drove out to Benson and then up to the foothills in Hyde Park where they are building those gigantic houses!! We were thinking that judging by the location and size of these homes that they would be well over a million dollars. We were so shocked to find a 4,000+ sq ft house on .51 acre overlooking the entire Cache Valley for only $399 k. This house was brand new and had granite countertops, the hardwood and tile floors, brick was an amazing home! So after looking at the house and driving around the countryside I started to get even more anxious about looking into land here in Cache County...

Back to the weekend...It was great to have my parents here. I love my Mom and I would say that after my husband, she is my best friend. We communicate well together and I feel like I could talk to my Mom about anything and that is what I love about our relationship. Granted we have had our teenage girl trials and of course our ups and downs; but in the end...I love my Mom. She is so genuine & kind that she would give you her last nickel to help you out; she is just one of those ladies. I hope one day I can be like my Mom...she is an amazing woman and if you know her I would dare say you would agree. I wish they could've stayed longer, but alas, work is how you keep food on the table and the house over your head.


Emma and Scott said...

yay! A blog! A blog! I love it, and you're on such a role so far! I'm sure you will have lots to post about, I look forward to future reading!

Derek Linder said...

Sara, nice job on the blog! Looks good and it will be fun to see what all you guys end up putting on here. Say "hi" to Paul for me when you get a chance. Have fun tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, very nice blog! We will just be able to keep a little closer eye on you now won't we!!! See you later.
-Robin S.

Melissa Jane Searle said...

Hi Sara! :-)
Nice to see you have joined the blog world. I have added you to my fav blogs to read... Look forward to checking in on you every now and then. Enjoy. :-)