Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here it goes...

After a friend suggested that the easiest way to keep up with friends and family is to have a blog, I decided that maybe I could try it out. I have to admit that I am one of those people that doesn't manage well with electronics and just gets frustrated after awhile! :) Also, I am sure that my posts will not be very meaningful or frequent to warn you all out there. Please bear with.

The past four weeks Paul, Corporal in the USMC, has been at Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. He is in his second increment and will graduate from OCS on July 3. When he graduates from Utah State University in May of this next year, he will be commissioned as an officer. Paul has been in the USMC since January 2006 and has been apart of the Infantry Reserves (Fox 2/23 in Salt Lake to be exact). He has gained much experience about the Corps from being in the reserves and in my opinion will have an easier time transfering the reigns. Please pray for Paul as this last week has been difficult for him. He is the type of person that does everything to his best ability and is very competitive when it comes to the military. He graduated in the top five of his battalion last year and really had his eyes set on graduating the top of his class this July. He is still doing well, just not the top guy that he wanted to be. I am very proud of him and know that he will excel and most importantly will give it his best to get to the end.

Today I arrived back in Logan to find the weather very sunny and warm. I think the highs are in the mid eighties and it is just gorgeous as the last few weeks have been more like early spring weather. I picked up a van that the school district has for me to use during the summer (don't have to pay for my gas that way) for my internship. It is probably made during the late '80s and the paint is peeling off of it in about every area that you can imagine. It is quite the site and will be my ride for the rest of the summer. I feel so weird driving in it!! Kinda wish that the Dodge Diesel was available for my use instead...oh well! I can't complain because gas is not being taken from my check now.

Thats about it!! first post is done!

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