Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girls Night Out

Last night I had the opportunity to have Veronica, Kaitie, and Stephanie over for a fun filled girls night out. Since Kaitie was working til nine, the rest of us girls started off the night with homemade enchiladas and spanish rice (cooked in the fantastic Vandenbos Restaurante' - gotta try it sometime :P ). After completely stuffing ourselves we headed out towards Willow Park. On the way there poor Stephanie had a horrible view as driving through town she glance into a house to see someone's backside!! Veronica and I are quite glad we missed that view...

At the park we swang for awhile and then headed over to Logan's infamous zoo. Lions and tigers and Bears...Oh My!! No not really. Logan's zoo is verily small but it kept our attention for about an hour. I don't know if the animals or the girls were more disturbed at my failed attempts of elk, deer, bobcat, owl, wallabee, duck, and coyote sounds. Also the passerbyers were probably very disturbed at Stephanies version of a bush...see below.

After the park we headed out to The Firehouse to share Fzhookies. If you haven't had one, they are the most amazing deserts the world has ever known. They are gigantic cookies that are cooked in cast iron type pans and are topped with all that delicious (and so healthy for you) fudge, caramel, ice cream, etc. If you are ever in Logan, The Firehouse is a must to at least try their Fzhookie.
Being girls, we stayed up late watching a movie and talking. Of course our talking was very important and we covered many issues such as world politics, vaccinations for children in 3rd world countries, and of course nuclear power. :) After solving all problems, we headed to bed around 2 am. We awoke and had waffles for breakfast (or should I say brunch) from that same Vandenbos Restaurante' (Man that place is good!).
I don't know if you ever played a game called Mad Gab but we had our own version of it this morning...
1. You must write these words out on a piece of paper first. "I WEE TAW TED"
2. You then find a victim to subject humility towards
3. Next you tell them you have to say it over and over because it is a mind thing
4. Must have the camera near by to get it on video...

Ok, quick story...I think the best time we did this was to Paul's sister in law during a family dinner. Paul's brother had just graduated college and was on his way to Med School. He had been working in a lab all summer with some people that spoke a foreign language and he was picking up on some little phrases. We followed the above steps (except for #4 sadly) and told her that if she told Aaron what was on the paper he would be really impressed because it was saying in a foreign language. All eyes and ears were on her as she stood up and announced with loving eyes to her husband..."Aaron honey, I WEE TAW TED". We all busted a gut laughing so hard and nearly fell off our chairs. Poor _____ ran upstairs because she didn't know what she said that was so funny. I know what your thinking; Paul and I are mean.


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun! Thanks for having us over Sara!!! And thank you for not putting up the video of me saying "I wee taw ted!" We need to have more girls nights. We should have had someone from Firehouse take our pict... something to remember for next time! See ya Wednesday night girlfriend...maybe?

Anonymous said...

Awww.. I miss you friend! I'm glad you're staying busy with Paul gone! But only for a few more days!!! YAHOO! Lve ya guys so much. Thanks for all your help and being a blessing to me. Love ya

~Mrs. Ben Holtom