Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Wow! It has been a very long time since I have updated my blog. Paul, Lucy, and I have been having so much fun with our two week break! We picked up our little Lucy on December 18 in WV and have been having so much fun with her ever since. She is about twelve pounds right now and is continuing to grow as she is 10 1/2 weeks old. We are so happy with her and although it is different having a puppy to train, she is doing wonderfully picking up new skills and being potty trained (I say that and she will have an accident tonight...). :)

Paul surprised me with a trip to New York before Christmas. We were able to spend three days there - which was the first time both of us had been there - and experience some of New York's sights. We went to the Phantom of the Opera and Paul had purchased pretty much the best seats in the theater - it was amazing! At one point I cried because I was just so happy and thrilled taking it in! :) If you ever are in NY and have the chance to catch a show on Broadway, DO IT!!! AMAZING!! We also went to Serendipity's for a late dinner, which is the same restaurant from the movie "Serendipity". There was so much to take in; as Paul said it was sensory overload! It is really funny how much you recognize from the news, movies, and such as New York is featured in many arenas.

Christmas was spent with Paul's Aunt and Uncle and two cousins in Fredericksburg, VA. They are such gracious and loving people as they opened their home to us and we felt like we belonged. We had fun playing games, watching movies, and of course eating! Paul's cousin J (for sake of confidentiality we will say J) turned 14 on Christmas Eve so we celebrated accordingly. We played Paintball with him on New Year's Eve Eve and I had many welts to prove it. Let's just say that Paul doesn't play fair and will shoot you in the back after he gets out because you sniped him! ;) Love you honey...

All in all, a great holiday season and we survived Blizzard 09 here in Virginia with our two feet of snow. Here are some pictures to get a glimpse of what we have been up to...as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!
At the Statue of Liberty Island with Manhattan at our backs. So cold!!
It was so impressive to see her in person. We spent hours there and got the audio headsets to learn all about it. For instance, did you know she is only two penny's thick?
Rockerfeller Center where the Ice Skating rink is below us. So neat!
Time Square after a full day out site seeing and then the Phantom of the Opera performance.
Our little puppy Lucy!!
Paul with Lucy!
Forgot to post a picture of us at the USMC ball in November...so here it is!! This was one of those "hurry, hold the camera because it is freezing in the parking garage so we can take the picture and drive back to Stafford" pictures. :)
Lucy as of Saturday with Paul - she LOVES Paul the best!
One more picture with little Lucy on New Years day!
Christmas Day at family's house in Fredericksburg. Lucy busy opening Grandma Ruth's gift.


Emma said...

looks like so much fun. P.S., I LOVE your hair!!

leah.jane said...

your short hair looks so gorgeous! glad you are both doing well, and congrats on the new addition! :) we miss having you guys as neighbors!!

Megan said...

Sara, sounds like you are enjoying Virginia. New York is amazing, I got to go there 2 summers ago on a couple of quick trips but it was fun but never did get a chance to see a show on Broadway so I am jealous of you. Are you all ready and excited for teaching? You and Paul are so cute and I am glad I got to know the both of you. Take care out there in Virginia and if there is ever anything I can do to help you with let me know

Kaitie Jane said...

Hey Sara!

You guys look like you are doing just fine out there on the East Coast. =) Lucy is SOOOO cute!!! New York is very fun to see. I wish I had been a little older (than 5th grade) when I went with Dad, just so that I could have appreciated it more. Broadway? I am jealous! That sounds like so much fun!! I know that you guys are missed in Utah but that you are doing very well out there! Love you guys!