Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of those days...

I started student teaching last week and have found it rather exhausting! Every morning I am up before 5:30 just so I can get out the door in time to drive forty five minutes to Spotsylvania High School. I find myself thinking about my lessons, activities, and students constantly and all at the most random times. When I wake up, in the shower, when I am driving (which is a lot), before I go to bed, when I lie awake at night, etc.

So yesterday on my way to class, I was drinking my breakfast shake made from our Magic Bullet at home. I got all the way to the bottom of the glass when I realized the reason it was so hard to get through the straw was because the rubber gasket got sucked into the blade and chopped up into my drink. I know this because there was a half inch section that didn’t get fully mutilated right next to the strawberry at the bottom. Hope rubber gets out okay!

I taught my classes and then stayed for their eighth grade recruitment night until 8:00 pm. We had a table set up with some displays of class work and what we do within our classes trying to encourage them to enroll. Lucy even was on exhibit and, if I do say so myself, was the crowd pleaser. It made for a long day and those of you who know me understand that I get frequent migraines – yesterday was one of those days… I got home and gave Lucy a bath and have to admit I went to bed – yes, it was 9:30 but I went to bed! Paul made it home a little after 10 pm and he pretty much crashed as soon as he got home too.

This morning I awoke at my lovely 5:30 and still with a migraine. I drove to school thinking once again about my classes for today and how to connect certain students to the material. I was just thinking away, and came up with a good idea, when all of a sudden I look up and see that I JUST missed my exit. For those of you who know about VA, you know that to travel anywhere you have to take the Interstate and then take a highway to your destination. Not at all like the west coast! The next exit was 8 miles away and there was no way that I could take that exit and back track to the school – even my GPS in the car said so! So that cost me 16 miles of unwanted driving this morning and made me just a little late (not for my class, just for the teacher contract time).

Yes, I cried and then I realized that I needed to slow down. These last few weeks have been so hectic and I haven’t had the best relationship with my savior. I am not saying that God gave me one of those days just to make me stop and realize that I was forgetting about Him (I don’t know His plans), but it definitely made slow down and think about what other things I need to be thinking about.


JG said...

I'm sorry! I hope you have a super-relaxing weekend to recover.

Kaitie Jane said...

Awww!Those days are not fun! Hope the rest of your week has been going better and that the headaches go away. I was on my way to work the other day and tried turning too early... spent several minutes getting turned around and trying to figure out what I did wrong before I figured it out.... yeah its not much fun =( You are going to make an awesome teacher... Student teaching will get better!!! Love you girlie! Miss you! Christmas break was weird without you guys being there but I'm glad that you are where God wants you and that things are going well (I think we are always going to have those days every once in a while) =) Have a great night!!!!

Megan said...

I hope things are going better for you and I hate the East for that reason, they need more on and off ramps. I find myself frequently thinking of random ideas and how I could possibly connect it to my materials. I still have not but it doesnt hurt to be thinking all the time. I still feel very inadequate to be teaching. I just need to get the hang of it and feel confident in my material, but until then we need to keep trudging along. Keep your head up and know you are going to be an amazing teacher. You amazed me with the few lessons I did see you teach, you have a natural talent for that.

annabelle82 said...

Oh Sara what a day! I know you wrote this a few weeks ago, so I hope you've slowed down and had a few better days :) I have to say though, Matt and I laughed so hard about your "rubber" smoothie!!! That is so funny! Mabye they should recal the "bullet" :) Mine is packed and I miss it sooo much!!! You should try a spinach smoothie--sounds gross, but it is 2 cups spinach, 1/2 cup apple juice, 1/2 cup yogurt, and 1 cup strawberries. ( I think that's all the right measurements!) It's really not too bad. It looks like puke, but yummy! Cut back on the spinach if you want less of that taste!

Melissa Searle said...

Awww Sara! Sorry you had such a horrible day. :( That always stinks when you have days like that where everything seems to go wrong! At least its over now! Hehe..
Lucy is adorable! How exciting that you are teaching now! I imagine what that would be like. Quite challenging at times eh? What grades do you teach? :) Just agriculture? :) I use to love ag in highschool! All the animals and what not, so much fun! Hehe
Anyhow, hope you and paul are doing well! Thinking of you, and hoping and praying that many bright days are headed your way! Take care! :)