Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pure Luck

Today I was standing on campus at the bus stop (notice I am not riding my bike anymore) after classes, with sixty other students, when a truck came up to the curb playing ice cream truck music. These were obviously college students just goofing off. They proceeded to throw out ice cream bars to the crowd and then drove away. I was standing in the very back when the next thing I know this kid six feet in front of me jumps up, smacks the ice cream bar, and it slaps me directly in the face.
Followed by this was lots of laughing from the crowd. The kid offered me the ice cream bar since my head "caught" it and apologized profusely.
The rest of the ride I kept hearing "yeah, thats the girl that got hit in the head with the ice cream bar".
Have you ever seen the movie with Martin Short in it entitle Pure Luck? That is how I feel sometimes. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Sara! You have just been on a roll the last couple of days, huh? lol Aren't those weeks just the funnest? haha

Anonymous said...


I think Paul needs to pick you up from school from now on. Your "going home" adventures sound like they are having a significant impact on you.

Hugs to you guys,

Ken and Bonnie

PS - What flavor were the ice cream bars?

Emma said...

you crack me up!

mel said...

Sara, I'm sorry these crazy things keep happening to you...

But they really, really make me laugh.

But serious. It's terrible. :/

Sara Vbos said...

Ken and Bonnie: They were chocolate covered with nuts
Mel: I just get a laugh out of it all - It makes life fun and interesting! Dont ever feel sorry for me! ;)