Thursday, November 6, 2008

Case of the Mondays

This post is a little old as it is now Thursday and I am just getting to it...but you get the picture! ;)

Mondays are usually okay for me. Normal classes, not anything too unusual. This past Monday was much different, however, and because it kept on coming it deserves its own post.

It all started as I was riding home on my bicycle and talking on the phone with Paul. He was letting me know that someone, in the perfect fairyland place were we live, had let the air out of our back car tire. This was about 11:30 and we had to be driving out of Logan at 12:30 to make it to the Marine Corps Birthday ball that evening in Wendover, NV. So I was almost home and was riding on the sidewalk when our two neighbor boys were also playing on the same sidewalk. I think in their little minds they were playing chicken with me because they didn't move until I was about to plow through them. I swerved and hit my break and the next thing I know I am flying over my handle bars and landing face first in the dirt! I was fortunate my face hit the dirt and the rest of my body was on the sidewalk. To top it off, my bike came all the way over and landed on top of me. The kids were like "WHHOOOOAAA Are you all right? Did you see that?" All I could do was lay there like a slug and get a somber " I'm okay" out. In the meantime I could hear Paul screaming on my phone demanding to know what happened. He had thought I had got hit by a car. So as I am writing this blog, I have bruises all up and down my legs, my handle bars are bent, and my pride hurts just a little! :)

Our next adventure started one hour later as we left for Wendover. We were not going to be staying the evening, as everybody else was in the hotel, because Paul had two tests the next morning. So I drove the 3 1/2 hours all the way there and back and he studied the entire time. Yes, even in the dark he studied by flashlight. It made for a long drive as the radio was silent for most of the way and there was no one to talk to. If you have ever driven to Wendover you know it is boring because of all the drowsy driving signs posted every ten miles! ;)

Upon our arrival we asked the front desk if we could change somewhere, since this is a formal event, and they offered the bathrooms. That was fun...try getting a formal dress on in the bathroom!

We made the best of our night and vowed to leave early so that I wouldn't be falling asleep at the wheel. So after filling up with gas at the Chevron, around 10 pm, and getting some much needed caffeinated beverages, we set out back for home. I had just pulled out of the gas station and accidentaly ran a stop sign. In my defense, the town is tiny, the road had five lanes, no one was present, and it wasn't well lit. Well, I realized what I did halfway throught the intersection...and so did the police officer watching.

Yes, I got pulled over. I not only got sighted for not stopping at a four way stop but for having a broken brake light, not having the current insurance card (Forgot to stick the new one in), and not having a valid drivers license (since it expired ten days after my birthday, which was just recently and we haven't had the chance to make it up to Idaho). I know...what an awesome evening! The police officer was very nice however, and asked what we were doing in Wendover and just gave us a fix it citation. We have two weeks to fix the brake lights and then have someone check it is done and we send the form back in and don't have to pay! The officer was so nice and told me to not run stop signs because he wouldn't have pulled me over at all. ;)

We finally made it home at a little after one in the morning...and thus ended the Monday of Mondays! ;)


Emma said...

oh my word! That is definately the definition of a no good terrible very bad day!

mel said...

Oh Sara! That one beats all!
Poor thing.

But, you are Sara Vandenbos - Woman who can make even THAT day sound hilarious somehow.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.... yeah, I would say that was a rough day! Has the rest of the week made up for it though??? I hope so! =) Hahaha how did Paul do on studying? lol I miss you guys! Can't wait to see you in December!