Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Friends

Today I went down to Coalville to judge an extemporaneous public speaking event and afterward had the opportunity to see my good friend Jaysa and her husband Richard. Jaysa was one of my bridemaids, is also an Agricultural Education major, and is such a sweet friend. I haven't seen her for almost one year as we live like twelve hours apart now!

Richard just got back from a tour in Iraq and drove 42 hours straight from North Carolina to be in Idaho for thanksgiving with his wife. They both drove down to Salt Lake today to buy a new truck so Paul and I took the chance of having dinner with them. It was so good to see both of them again!! We met in Riverdale and then went out for dinner at Olive Garden...what a great evening! :)
What many people don't realize is that Jaysa and Richard have been apart more during their marriage then together. This is in part to Jaysa finishing school and Richard serving the country he loves. They are both an example and encouragment to me of a christian couple in the military.
Thank you Jaysa and Richard for your service to our country!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara! That is so neat that he drove all that way and for that long to be in Idaho for Thanksgiving with his wife! What a committment!! That is so neat!!!

Jaysa said...

Sara you're too sweet! I didn't know you kept a blog! I'll have to read it more often :) :) Love you!