Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Third!

So this week marks the one-third mark of Paul's deployment!


It has progressed quite quickly for 4 months.  I know that God has given me strength and has kept my mind off of the time apart by staying busy with school and work.  He has brought individuals into my life that are such an encouragement and are uplifting.  I am so thankful for them, even though most of them live many states away.

There is of course the ones that don't understand whatsoever and you just feel like slapping them for whining about their spouse being at work for too long or gone for one day, but then I slowly put my hand back down but then you just laugh it off.  ;)  The other one is the pity pat - I hate that!  For your information, pity patting someone does not make the person feel better.  I know you are trying, but it isn't working.  I am not a basket case, nor have I been that way this entire deployment, so I don't know why people automatically assume deployed spouses are unstable and need to be dealt with gently.

Even though Paul and I don't communicate as much as we thought we would, we still have maintained open communication.  I am just so thankful for email and satellite phones!  I can't even imagine the couples in WWII and before trying to stay close during censored mail that was a month or more delayed.  I look up to these people so much! 

As of now, Paul and I are looking forward to RR (rest and relaxation) for two weeks sometime in the future.  We don't have dates yet but we are looking into destinations.  Paul gets flown anywhere in the world so I think we will take advantage of a free airline ticket to somewhere exotic.  He deserves it. :)


Bens Girl said...

R and R will be so nice! Hope you get to go somewhere awesome.... although you will be with Paul so it will be awesome:) So glad I got to see you. Love ya!

SummerRose said...

Keep on keeping on Sara - It's the grace and peace that only Jesus can give, what a blessing! Of course, praying for you both daily, and so glad to hear you're doing well. So sweet of him to mail flowers...I had no idea they could package them that way??! cool!