Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A few weeks ago I was back in Idaho for my sisters wedding.  While there, I was able to spend a little time with my very cute nephews.  

The oldest one says the funniest things and has quite the imagination.  I am excited to see what he grows up to be as he is quite the talented young boy. 

Anyways, we were making funny faces for the camera.  
After taking the picture he asked to see it (don't you love digital cameras?).  

His remark: "Aunt Sara looks like an Angry Bird!". 

It must be the eyebrows.

Honesty. Got to love it. 


SummerRose said...

oh my word, totally do look like an Angry Bird ;) haha! I love those lil guys, and can't wait to meet Vinny for the first time in June! Glad you got to be with them, how fun!

Melissa Murphy said...

I love kids honesty, too!

Halle Baker said I was a weirdo because I had a black line above my eyes.

And "Miss Mel. You're skirt isn't very modest." (It was to my knees. ) haha

Melissa Searle said...

Haha Love it! :) so cute. :)