Monday, March 5, 2012

RIP Semper Combat Gumby

This is from Paul and is too good not to post:

Ive got some bad news, Combat Gumby went MIA today in a flurry of small children outside the Bazaar.  Combat Gumby had accompanied me on numerous combat patrols, and covered my six in several photo ops, and was taken along with my pocket knife and almost my GPS, Watch, Multitool (insert all other gear here), he gallantly gave his plastic for his country.  His service is in the highest keeping of Hasbro (Mattell?) traditions.
* Not Actual Semper Combat Gumby.  We are still awaiting the release of the crucial photos that document the disappearance of Semper Combat Gumby. *

Semper Combat Gumby
20 Jan 2012 - 5 Mar 2012
OEF Veteran, Rest in Peace

The combat camera guy got some good pictures of me getting mauled by the school kids, it was pretty funny, except for my stuff they stole.  "HEY YOU DANG KIDS!" {remember that Geico commercial with the old man on the tractor yelling at woodchucks? Our family has it's own inside joke of that...} 

Lt Vandenbos giving high fives to the children before Semper Combat Gumby gave his life for the cause.


Tiffany said...

He leaves the country and the kids still love him! How sweet! We are praying for Paul everyday!

Paul said...

Good post Babe!
I need to note though, that Combat Gumbys full name is Semper/Combat Gumby, but his used name has generally been "Combat Gumby." But, properly translated he is in fact "always" Combat Gumby. RIP

I think Dad is redeploying a replacement... That would be cool.

Paul said...
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SummerRose said...

so cool, got a good chuckle :)

annabelle82 said...

Haha! I used to love gumby! Neat pic of paul too