Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dead Week

Maybe it is the end of the year banquets with free food (the steak last night was very yummy college of Ag). Maybe the green buds starting to appear on the tree outside my window. Maybe it is the flip flops that have come out of hiding to give way to give way to those ghostly looking toes. Or maybe it is the many final projects, papers, and exams that are starting to give way to that happy time of year...FINALS WEEK!! That is right my friends and fellow readers, next week is Utah State's infamous finals week, which means that we are currently in "dead week".

Dead Week is exactly opposite of what it means. I mean, when you think of the word, you think nice and easy. A relaxing break right? NOT! Dead Week is appropriately named after the way you feel come Friday - Dead Tired! Oh how I wish that dead week was nice and relaxing, that there were no presenations, no final papers due, and no assignments to worry about! Alas, that is a dream and here I am - Thursday of dead week, dead tired already, and still have one more day to go.

Did I mention that Saturday Morning I have to take the Praxis too? Lovely national test people have to set it up the weekend before finals...grrrr.

Eight more days....Eight more days....Eight more days....Eight more days...


Kaitie Jane said...

HAHAHAHA!I'm loving it too! Keep counting down! I'm looking at 20 days! You can do it!

Kaitie Jane said...

I'm loving the picture by the way... it is very accurate to how I feel too!

Anonymous said...


Hang in there. The Lord is your strength. In a few days you will be looking back at it all and thanking Him as you see how He helped you do it well.

May the Lord make these “dead” days full of life for you.

Your Alaska family,

Ken and Bonnie