Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Morning Vietnam!

I found out today I am going to CHINA and VIETNAM for an International Collegiate Agricultural Leadership program with eleven other college students from across America!! I am still in the schocked phase as I applied a month ago and have been waiting to hear back; today the call finally came!!!

Anyways...more to follow later. The dates are May 16-29 with a day of briefing in San Francisco before we leave. And yes, Paul is super jealous! ;)


Kaitie Jane said...

THAT IS SO COOL!!! I CAN DEFINITELY SEE WHY PAUL IS JEALOUS... I AM TOO!!!!! LOL That is so sweet! Yeah, you will probably be doing "educational" stuff while you are there, but still!!! I want to hear the details! lol

mel said...

Lucky pants!!

That's awesome!!

Melissa Searle said...

Hi Sara, :)
Thanks for the congrats and stopping by! Glad to see your home and well again. :) I hope you and paul had a good time away.
What an amazing opportunity! Your so blessed. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. :)
Take care.

Emma said...

That is so exciting for you! And in answer to your question on my blog, my hair is naturally curly.