Monday, October 27, 2008

Catchin' Up

Forgive me for the lapse in my blogging the last few weeks. The past weeks have been pretty busy with classes for Paul and I. Let me take out a little time to catch everyone up with what we have been doing...

For my SOILS 4000 class project I went down to Ephraim, UT to help with their Snow College Days. We worked with a professor from Snow College and the NCRS (with the USDA)district employee to set up the land and homesite event for the students. One other girl from class, Amy, went with me from Logan. We were given a rental car to use, a hotel room in Nephi, and food reimbursements. The food reimbursements were $7 for breakfast, $8 for lunch, and $13 for dinner. If we ate less than that (which we always did) we got to keep the difference. Seems like a waste of University funds to me, but hey, I didn't complain! We were treated very nice and it was a great experience. The only problem was that our car wouldn't start three times...yes, it was a Ford, and we had to take it into the shop to get it fixed. Luckily it was just a battery that needed replaced. We also ran into over 2000 sheep being driven to their winter range. It was quite the site to be surrounded by sheep.
Amy helping hook up the jumper cables!

Sheep being herded around Nephi area

A farmer left on his water during our most recent cold spell and it made this pretty picture!

Paul and I have been deer and elk hunting as well these last few weeks. We haven't harvested anything as of yet, but the season is open until Friday night. One night we were cheap and slept in the middle of Garden City (on the banks of Bear Lake - not gross Garden City in Boise) in our car. We pulled down the backseat and slept with our feet in the trunk and our heads on the backs of the rear seats. It was not the best night of sleep I have ever had...but it worked! :) Luckily Garden City is small (probably 400) and doesn't have much crime or traffic. We are going up Deer hunting again this Wednesday, so hopefully the bucks will be out and we will get a deer for our freezer. These deer are feeding in fields, so we are hoping for some tasty meat! ;)
Paul has been getting his graduation packet and requirements put together for this May. He is so excited to graduate. However, I think he will miss it. Already he is regretting not taking certain classes and is pondering which ones he can take for that last semester. I got my acceptance letter into the College of Secondary Education program and only have two semesters worth of classes to take; then onto student teaching! I don't think people realize sometimes that my degree is a major and a minor that has to be completed in 3 1/2 years because the last half of the year is student teaching and you don't take classes. That means you have to be done with everything else before the spring semester of graduation. It is a challenge, but I enjoy it. Grades are still good for Paul and I. I currently have a 100.98% in my genetics class...I have to brag because I am sure it will just get worse from this point on! ;) Paul is working on my new kitchen apron in his sewing class! ;) I will post pictures upon completion.

We have been conquering the Wii lately...and no it isn't affecting our grades! ;) Paul is almost done with his Metroid game. That thing is way too much fun and we enjoy the entertainment it provides...sometimes a little too much! ;)

We had our Pastor Appreciation evening this past Sunday night. It was great to hear from the Patch Club (like Master Club but the curriculum is through the Patch the Pirate Program), a soloist (me), and a guest speaker. It was great to show our appreciation to Pastor and Mrs. Stonehouse for all that they do for the Lord. They are a neat couple and I look up to her much. Two weeks ago Derek's parents came in from Alaska to visit. They are wonderful people who truly love the Lord. They took us out to dinner Sunday night to Chili's and it was so nice just to sit and visit with other believers. We now know why Derek is the way he is...and that is in a very good way. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Linder for raising Derek the way you did and for your friendship! ;)
Well...that is about it! Paul's birthday is tomorrow so I will post pictures soon!


Emma said...

Wow! What an update, We need to get together soon! Sounds like all is going well with you two, I hope Paul has a Happy Birthday!

Melissa Searle said...

Love your new template. :) Hehe Sounds like you have been busy though, I always say being busy is great though keeps you out of trouble! Haha :-)Let us know how Pauls birthday went. :-) The cake sounded great!