Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Reminiscing - Vbos Berries

Valentines Day marks our half year anniversary, since we were married on August 14, and is a fun day to remember those loved ones in our lives.  Last year Paul and I were in Idaho visiting our families for a couple weeks. 

He was trying to figure out what to do about Valentines Day and heard an ad about Shari's Berries.  Have you heard of them?  No doubt they are amazing but for a dozen sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate, they are $29.99.  Paul and I are somewhat frugal (in some things anyways) and he was not going to pay $30 for 12 strawberries!  So Paul and his Dad went to the store and began crafting their very own Vbos Berries!
The berry makers at work.

Look at the multi chocolate swirls!

Way to be thrifty and provide a wonderful Valentines Day memory!

This is their marketing image for their Vbos Berries.
  Sweet memories! :)  I am so thankful for my husband and know I am loved by him even across the miles. Happy Valentines Day, honey!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the great memories, Sara! Those berries were yummy and they obviously had fun making them.

Melissa Murphy said...

That is absolutely adorable. :)

annabelle82 said...

How funny! Wow we are learning all about Paul's domestic side? Flower arranging, strawberry making. Who knew?! lol he looks like his older brother in that last pic.