Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Last Picture

Because I just changed my privacy settings, I hadn't stated that Paul deployed. But now that it is private I can tell you he did in fact leave December 21. I can't believe it has been over a month already!

Time has really flown by for the both of us. Paul is busy doing his job and I am staying busing here in North Dakota. We are so thankful for the thoughts and prayers that so many people have sent our way. I never would have imagined the peace that I have right now.

The few days before Paul left were so long and yet fast. We both were just ready to say goodbye so we could start the countdown and yet were dreading the actual goodbye. I stayed at the "drop zone" for only 45 minutes and then Paul said goodbye to Lucy and me at 9pm. It was really quick and we were both smiling and laughing because we were both so excited to start this next chapter. I can say that I didn't cry, nor have cried, because my best friend was gone. We are so happy with our decision to make it quick because Paul said other wives stayed until the bitter end (about 4 am) and had to be pried away from their husbands as they were hysterical. I can honestly say that the sight of that would bring me to tears - I would have lost it!

So here is the last picture that I and Lucy have with Paul until we see him again.


annabelle82 said...

So sweet. Still brought tears to my eyes ;) you are such a strong woman! Love ya and miss you!

Tiffany said...

We are praying for you!

Ben's Girl said...

so proud of Paul! Praying for you both! Love ya