Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the books!

A little over a week ago I started my graduate studies through USU. The two courses are eight weeks long and require some "light" reading. And when I say light, I mean six textbooks. :)

I am just thankful that I enjoy reading and it isn't a chore like it is for some people. I have been able to keep up with reading really well so far (it has only been a week mind you) and have even finished a 400 page "pleasure reading" book this past week. It is so nice to be able to escape into your own reading!

Speaking of reading, Paul gave me a Nook for my graduation present this past month. It is such a neat little contraption and can hold thousands of books. I am not sure I would take it to the pool with me, but other than that scenario, it is a very smart idea. Notice the handy little touch screen!
When Paul and I have the opportunity to drive together, one of us navigates the vehicle and the other one reads. It makes the car rides go by a lot faster! For those of you out west that don't understand the east coast driving - it generally takes you at least an half hour to get anywhere. We have a little over an hour drive (roundtrip) for church so really makes the time fly by and you aren't "wasting" your life just sitting in a car doing nothing.

Tell me what you are reading right now - I would love to hear!

Well, back to my studies!


Emma said...

I am almost finished with "The Help", I love it! When you have time to get away from textbooks, I think you'd really like it.

Kaitie Jane said...

You study bug =) Loved seeing you this week! Hope the graduate stuff continues to go well! I've heard about the book deals but have never heard of someone owning one lol Sound pretty handy. Love your new blog set up - the top looks really neat!! Talk to you later!

Melissa Searle said...

Hi Sara, :)
I havent stopped by your blog for a while! :) But decided to this morning. You have been a busy girl! Good on you. :) Always the way to be, i say. Keeps us out of trouble eh? Hehe. I just LOVE this Nook device! It looks awesome. :) I love to read also! :) So i think i will mention it to my husband. Hehe ;) Is it big at all? :)
Congrats on graduating also! :) Thats fantastic, and i hope you are enjoying your teaching and what not now. :) Hope you arent missing Paul too much, but i doubt that! ;) Have fun my dear, and take care. :)
Melissa Searle