Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break = COOKIES!!

Today my new found friends came over and we made cookies. 236 cookies to be exact. Chocolate chip, Double Peanut butter, Cinnamon Snaps, and Oatmeal Craisin.

We had two Kitchenaides and one hand held mixer going to produce these sugar laden treats.

Yes, we made a mess, but it cleaned up fine!

Where do you ask are all these cookies going? Well just about all of them are going with our husbands, minus the messed up ones we had to "dispose of", to be shared with the guys in their Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ). Our husbands room with these guys during the day and become very close with them - these guys don't get to come home at night though so I (now we) have provided cookies to them.

I am so thankful for true Christian friends that God brought in our path in the last few weeks. They are both wives of the new company of officers at TBS and attend our church (which is how we met).

I am already looking forward to our next adventure!

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Kaitie Jane said...

Sara, those cookies look marvelous! Making me hungry!!! Glad you are doing well out on the East Coast and making lots of new friends! Miss you guys! Headed home for the summer soon