Friday, February 12, 2010

My life in a Snowpocalypse, Snowmegaddon, Snownami, Flurricane...

Paul and I have officially survived the Blizzard of 2009 and now what many are calling Snowpocalypse here in Virginia. We live about thirty miles south of Washington DC and they were the eye of the storm these last couple of storms. To put into perspective the magnitude of the Flurricane, Virginia's annual average snowfall is 15". This season we have received...drumroll please....

54.9 Inches!

This is a new all time record for the DC area! Within just two weeks we have received 3 storms that dumped around three feet of snow between them. In ten days of school, they declared Snow Days for nine of them at Spotsylvania High School. Even Paul was given time off Monday through Thursday because the base was completely buried. You see, for a place that averages 15" a year, they really aren't prepared for snow in large quantities. Washington DC, Schools, Businesses, and Governmental agencies in the area were closed. People were told to stay indoors and not drive - so that is what we did!! At one point we lost power and ate PB&J sandwiches by candlelight all bundled up! Fortunately, we were not one of the people who lost power for days as it was only eight hours. What a snowstorm to remember!

Here are a few pictures from last Sunday after the first storm. I never got any Wednesday after our third and final bash.

Outside of our apartment complex.
This is the sidewalk - notice the guard rails barely sticking up on the left.
Our Honda Fit in the snow - hard to believe another foot flew after this!
From the back of the Honda Fit
Paul scooping out the Saturn - good thing we had our shovel from Utah, they sold out in VA!
Little Lucy enjoying the snow!
Retrieving her play toy in the snow - she was bounding like a deer! Love her ears in this pic!
Finally enjoying some sun and a break in the flurries!


Ken and Bonnie said...

You guys need to come to SE Alaska. I think we may have had a total of 6 or 7 inches so far this winter. I think it is because we bought a new snowblower back in November to deal with the snow. I guess it has been pretty effective in blowing the snow clean to the east coast and everywhere in between.

Hope you are enjoying it. Lucy sure looks cute.

Kaitie Jane said...

Snow!!! I'm not sure whether I envy you or not. You look like you are having a lot of fun with it =) It is....wait, let me check,...65 degrees here! I'm not wearing a coat today and you are living in yours lol Love you guys and hope all is well =)))