Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Back!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. This has been a crazy summer! For now I will update every once in awhile with some of the photo highlights thus far.

Let's start with H1N1...Swine Flu!
I really appreciate everyone's prayers as I recovered relatively quickly and had it as good as it could have went compared to other people. I guess all that Crossfit and Zone payed off too!

Sorry no photos of the actual "transformation" but here are some pictures of us secluding ourselves from the rest of the world during the week.

Paul sleeping on the beach.
Top of the summit overlooking Bear Lake. Half in Idaho, Half in Utah = Beautiful!
The Lake from the view on the sand.
The summit you can see no snouts!
AHHH...Bear Lake! We shall miss your Raspberry Milkshakes and Bright Blue water.
Reading at the park.

Next up...Trip to Stanley!

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