Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a kick!

I was visiting my friend Jaysa's blog, and I notice that she posted a picture of me at Idaho's State Convention in April 2007. My fellow officers and I rode in on stage on these tractors and it was pretty fun!! This was taken just a couple weeks after Paul proposed to me and I couldn't believe how different we looked (especially me)!! I decided to put more pictures up from the past as these were just too fun!
My biggest deer so far shot with a .50 Muzzleloader
Showing my final heifer at the fair

Last family portrait without Paul

Dad and I skiing at Bogus

My First Mountain Lion - A Tom too! I look like a freak with the braces and bright 80's jacket!

My Dad and I fishing - look at my cute lil sissy!
Paul working on the church bus with Reagan and "the duckies"

Our engagment photo

College and Career Winter Camp - Weirdos

Forgive me as I don't have pictures of Paul when he was younger... :)


Jaysa said...

You both look SO different in your engagement picture!!! Aww, good times!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You guys look different! Not a ton, but still!! You guys are so cute!!! I really like that last one =)

Kaitie Jane said...

Hey Sara! It's good to have you guys back from your trip! I got a blog set up!! lol It's seekingchristswill and you know the rest! Later